About us

Our mixed reality surgical imaging is the first in the world specifically designed for the cardiac catheterization laboratory

What we do

  • Use our clinical experience to design a product to address the needs of both medical personnel and our patients

  • Collaborate with industry leaders to optimize our product

  • Rapid and thorough clinical testing to quickly deliver our ideas to those that need it

What makes us unique

  • Clinical experience positions us develop a desirable product.

  • Firsthand experience with headsets in clinical practice allows to quickly improve and change design to address needs.

  • Access to rapid clinical implementation and testing via clinical trials. We have already completed a 50-patient trial with our first generation prototype; view our results.

Our team

Sergey G. Gurevich, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Interventional Cardiologist at the University of Minnesota.

Stephen A. George, MD PhD

Director of Structural Heart Clinic and Interventional Cardiologist at Regions Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota.

Our partners